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HSM community is a forum of High speed machining professionals hosted by HSM Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. This forum has been established with the goal of sharing HSM techniques among HSM pro's allover India and across the globe. You can enrol yourself if you are a CAD/CAM professional who is  into CNC programming for milling, a CNC milling machine or machining center operator, a process planning engineer in a machine shop where HSM in milling is implemented, a manager who is looking after a machine shop with HSM machines or if you own a machine shop which uses HSM techniques for machining or intend to become a HSM shop. We will be catering exclusively to Die & Mold and Aerospace industry.

New  test reports will be sent to your Email or your postal address as and when they are posted on our website and you will be posted on the new tips on HSM that will be posted on our website. You will also be kept informed about new products from the Millstar line of cutting tools.

You too can send in your test reports and new HSM tips, which if found good will be posted on our website with due credit to you.

Register yourself if you have spare NC programming capacity with any good CAM software and after due evaluation we may work with you by giving you NC programming assignments for which you will be paid consultancy fee. The cutting strategy will be ours and NC program will be yours. For details, contact us on our Email