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HSM Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to provide high speed machining services in the Indian Die & Mold and Aerospace industry. We believe that there is no High speed machining process implementation in a generalized manner. We will be providing customized HSM Solutions to the industry.

In the first phase, we will visit your works, discuss with your personnel, draw a plan as to how to implement high speed machining in your shop which can enhance your productivity.

In the second phase, we will conduct training to personnel on high speed machining techniques, address CAD/CAM issues pertaining to high-speed machining implementation at your works and implement high speed machining at your works with the help of our techniques and cutting tools from Millstar which are highly productive and accurate.

In the third and continuous phase, we will be interacting with you on a case to case basis through e-support or if required, with a personal visit.

You can query us about any problem part (core, cavity, insert, aerospace parts, etc.) you have or any difficult to machine material and we will respond to you with appropriate techniques to machine the part. You can also query us with challenges you are facing in your machine shop with respect to High speed machining and we will address the issues involved. This will be part of our services endeavor.